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Different Types of Fire Doors — Fire Door Manufacturers

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Within the realm of fire doors, there are a variety of doors all designed for specific purposes and tested to certain regulations by fire door manufacturers.

As a fire door manufacturer serving Yorkshire and Manchester, our fire doors can be manufactured to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 specifications with paint-grade, veneered, laminate and acronym finishes available.

FD30 Fire Door Manufacturing 

An FD30 fire door means that it offers 30 minutes of fire resistance. It also means that the door and corresponding hardware should have been tested in accordance with the British Standard (BS) BS476: Part 22 1987 — there are alternative European regulations if relevant.

FD60 Fire Doors

Similar to the rule of FD30 fire doors, FD60 fire doors are tested and approved to offer 60 minutes of fire resistance. When the doors are tested, they are fitted as if they were in a real setting to get an accurate analysis of their performance.

FD90 Fire Doors

FD90 fire doors offer 90 minutes of fire containment. Unlike an FD30 fire door which contains a 44mm certified core, an FD90 fire door contains a 64mm certified core. Similar to FD30 and FD60 fire doors, FD90 fire doors are manufactured with intumescent strips as part of their fire protection aid. 

FD120 Fire Doors 

Offering 2 hours of fire protection, FD120 fire doors are not as common as other fire doors. Although they are more commonly found in commercial buildings with a very heavy footfall such as hospitals. 

Fire Door Manufacturing at Pendle Doors

At Pendle Doors, we work closely with Warringtonfire to ensure that all of our bespoke fire doors comply with relevant fire certifications. Part of ensuring they meet fire certifications is ensuring that they are fitted properly. With Warringtonfire, we are constantly looking for ways to improve installation methods to ensure that they always comply with current regulations and to the highest industry standards. 

Discover our Guardian Fire Door range.

Pendle Doors

As a successful family-run business and leading UK manufacturer of premium doorsets we have been announced as a finalist in the prestigious North West Family Business Awards. 

Competing in the ‘People’s Choice Award for Lancashire’ category, and established in 1957, we manufacture and supply quality, Fire Doorsets, Bespoke Screens and PAS24 internal and external doors to a range of sectors which include but are not limited to  Healthcare, Education, Social / Residential and leisure. 

Beating a record number of entries from organisations across the North West region, we are thrilled about the event. 

Managing Director, Steve Anderson said: “Being recognised as a finalist in the People’s Choice award in the Lancashire category is an honour. Our purpose as an organisation is to protect and save lives and for our hard work to be recognised is truly humbling.

“Pendle Doors is extremely proud to be a family-run business and has been since it was established in 1957, in Burnley. Being able to continue the legacy is extremely rewarding and, hopefully, it will continue for generations to come.”

Director Ian Hartley continued: “Many incredible organisations have been listed as finalists in the North West Family Business Awards and we wish them all the very best of luck.”

The highly anticipated awards ceremony will take place on Friday 13th May 2022 at The Rum Warehouse, Titanic Hotel, Liverpool. 

Voting for the People’s Choice Lancashire 2022 is now open: 


Leading Door Manufacturer, Pendle Doors

Our Purpose 

Our purpose as a leading UK door manufacturer is to protect and save lives. As we manufacture external and internal doorsets, including fire doors and healthcare doors, it’s critical that our values correspond with those industries to provide the best products and support their core missions.

We established Pendle Doors in the 1950s and over the years we have adapted, evolved and welcomed changes within the UK door manufacturing industry. We have built our reputation around product quality, reliability and excellent customer service.

Our Vision

At Pendle Doors, we want to be recognised as the UK’s most trusted supplier of doorsets including:

We want to be known for our unrivalled quality whilst protecting and improving the lives of our employees and customers, whilst striving for our goal to become the leading UK door manufacturer.

Our Values 

Our values are a collection of what we view most importantly to create industry-leading products that our customers are pleased with, but that also provide a safe, happy work environment for our employees. 


We strive to work as a team not only within our internal workforce but also with our customers to provide the best solutions for their needs. 


Our environmental aims are split into two — protecting the physical environment and planet, but also creating a positive work environment for our employees to thrive. 


Providing a quality product is crucial to our business success, particularly in the highly intense industries that we operate in. 


We must remain honest, transparent and open with our business practices and to our customers, to maintain trust and respect within the door manufacturing industry and to be the ‘go-to’.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are our livelihood and without them, we don’t have a business to operate. We must be able to meet their needs and requirements in an industry-leading manner.


Both internally and within the industry, we must remain progressive — whether that’s creating an equal, dynamic workplace or updating our products to comply with industry adaptations.

Read more about our company, team, history and certifications. 

Darwen-based business (Pendle Doors) open the door to a new charity partnership with East Lancashire Hospice

Wednesday 24th November 2021

Darwen based Pendle Doors, a UK door manufacturing company, recently confirmed a new 3-year charity partnership with East Lancashire Hospice

Established in Burnley in the 1950s before relocating to Blackburn in 2007, Pendle Doors is a family-run business employing over 40 members of staff from the local area. 

The decision to commence this exciting new partnership with the hospice came after consultation with Pendle Doors employees, many of whom have first-hand experience of the hospice services and felt passionately about wanting to support East Lancashire Hospice. 

The team are aiming to undertake one fundraising initiative every month and has already had their thinking caps on with ideas such as undertaking a Skydive, joining the hospice lottery and participating in the ‘East Lancashire Hospice 2022 Corporate Challenge’ all on the list.

In addition, company Directors, Steve, Sue, Ryan, Ian and Darran have kindly offered their services to undertake health & safety checks on all fire doors within the hospice building, manufacturing wooden items for use around the hospice, including planters for the garden and donate gifts for fundraising events. All members of staff have also been offered the opportunity to volunteer at the hospice for a day a year, funded by the company.

To further cement the partnership and raise the profile for East Lancashire Hospice in Blackburn, Darwen, Hyndburn and the Ribble Valley and beyond, Pendle Doors will be adding hospice branding to their company HGV.

Ryan Anderson, Operations Director for Pendle Doors said “Like many local businesses we are proud to be based in East Lancashire and employ a local workforce and as a team we wanted to be able to give something back to the people of our local community.  We are aware that some of our colleagues have been supported by the hospice and when we asked them who they would like us to support, the decision was unanimous!”. 

Katie Elliott, Fundraising and Marketing Lead for East Lancashire Hospice said “We are absolutely delighted that Pendle Doors have chosen to support the hospice by way of a charity partnership.  It has been an absolute pleasure getting to know the team and if our initial discussions are anything to go by, there are exciting times ahead!  From everyone here at the hospice we would like to say a huge thank you to Steve, Sue, Ryan, Ian and the whole team for their support which means so much to us all.

For further information, please contact Katie Elliott – Fundraising and Marketing Lead at (01254) 287015.

As a leading door manufacturer in the UK, we’re here to not only inform you of the importance of fire doors in terms of safety, but to also ensure that you comply with UK fire safety regulations.

Private/Residential Properties

We recommend installing fire doors in any areas which are most at risk of fire in your private/residential property. Most commonly, a kitchen, or any other room containing a significant amount of electrical equipment and appliances or other flammable items should be enclosed using a fire door.

UK building regulations stipulate that in modern domestic buildings, fire doors are required in buildings with 3 or more storeys as well as in 2 storey properties between the main house and integral garages.

Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

HMOs refer to properties that have 3 or more occupants that aren’t a family, such as a block of flats. 

Larger HMOs (3 or more storeys that share amenities) will need to obtain a licence from the Local Council Housing Department to prove that the property meets fire safety standards.

In order to become licenced, fire doors must be fitted in all rooms that lead off the protected route identified by a responsible person. Bathrooms are not included as one of these rooms, however those with electric heaters or gas boilers present may require a fire door.

Commercial Properties

A detailed fire risk assessment is required in all commercial properties to determine how to minimise and eliminate risks. 

A safe route must be created so that in the event of a fire, any person in the affected area is able to escape quickly and easily. Fire doors then need to be installed to isolate this area, as well as installing other suitable fire detection equipment such as smoke detectors.

Determining the safe route will be carried out by someone who must also provide fire signage and notices, emergency lighting as well as necessary fire fighting equipment.

All modern commercial properties now have fire doors fitted as standard due to extensive building regulations that have been put in place in the UK. 

After Your Fire Doors Are Fitted

Your fire doors should always be installed by accredited installers (Q Mark / Firas) who have the correct Certification to back this up, they must also be regularly inspected and maintained in order to prevent any damage that may occur over time, ensuring that they continue to perform to the highest standard.

At Pendle Doors, our fire doors can be manufactured to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 specifications and are available in paint grade, veneered, laminates

We hold Primary test evidence and are able to offer fully pre-hung Doorsets together with factory-fitted suites of ironmongery working in line with all our fire certifications.

For all residential, HMO and commercial enquiries, get in touch with our team of experts.


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Are you looking for high-quality UK Manufactured compliant doors for a project in the education, healthcare, residential and leisure sectors? Or simply need a reliable door manufacturer?

Based in Lancashire, we are able to deliver nationwide from our 30,000 sq ft manufacturing facility. Pendle Doors manufactures and delivers internal and external doors to all market sectors. All of our products are manufactured in-house using up-to-date technology. This includes Primary tested and Dual certified to the most stringent EN1634 test for internal Flat Entrance PAS 24 doorsets, fire doorsets, as well as bespoke timber screens.

As result, we are able to manufacture bespoke doors of excellent quality, whilst offering a wide range of flexibility on our products. For example, we can produce doors fast and efficiently for bulk orders, all while maintaining high standards of both the quality and safety that our doors provide.

With highly skilled joiners and experienced project managers, we’re the type of door manufacturer that will take the time and consideration to discuss your individual requirements from quotation, manufacture, right through to delivery on one of our dedicated vehicles.

Specialising in the fire doors market, we are Q Mark accredited and can provide fully compliant fire doors and doorsets with or without Ironmongery to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 specifications.

For more information about fire doors or any of our other products, contact us on 01254 870850.


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Fire doors are extremely important, they will prevent a fire or smoke from spreading across a building. They also keep the fire contained, this gives anyone the chance to get out and the fire service to put the fire out before it becomes out of control. In short, fire doors save lives.

Pendle manufactures fire doors in our manufacturing facility in Manchester, and they go through a rigorous testing process. This is essential to the safety of everyone where the fire door is installed. Fire Doors that meet UK regulations save lives.

Our fire doors can be manufactured to FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 but what does this mean? The 30, 60, 90, and 120 are the minutes of fire protection that the door provides.
If for example, you are in an NHS building the fire doors within the NHS will hold back the spread of a fire for a minimum of 30 minutes. Manufactured Fire Doors for the NHS are vital to protect patients, staff, visitors, equipment and the building.

If you are working with the healthcare industry the fire doors are a critical safety feature, they maximise the time for occupants to evacuate to a safety point.

Any environments are tough on doors but in particular the healthcare sector. These doors have people coming through them all day, every day and damage will happen. Anything from a crack, to a dent can prevent the fire door from being as effective. These damages can also hold germs and compromise the hygiene in a healthcare setting.

If you have fire doors that need to be repaired or replaced then you can contact us by calling 01254 870850.

Also, remember the below rules:

During last year’s fire door safety week The British Woodworking Federation released the following 5 steps to check a fire door is safety compliant.

  • Look for labels or markings that show the door is third-party certificated and has traceability back to the original manufacturer.
  • Check that the door is marked correctly with the appropriate signage and that it closes tightly against the frame.
  • Ensure that the door or frame has the fire and smoke seal and that the door closes correctly with an even gap all-around of about 3mm.
  • Check the fire-rated hinges are fitted firmly in the door and that there are no missing screws.
  • Make sure the door is not damaged or ever wedged or propped open.


healthcare doors, veneered doors london, door manufacturer UK

We know that a door serves a great purpose, which is why Doorsets in our healthcare range are required to satisfy many technical performances, from design to functionality, within the Healthcare environment.

Many of the performance requirements range from, Fire and Smoke Control, Acoustic / Sound Reduction, Security and X-Ray Performance. That are common requirements which you will find in medical environments, such as hospitals, medical centres, and private healthcare facilities.

We have to consider various challenges within the healthcare design such as Access Control, Privacy, Emergency Release and Hygiene. Above all, the doors must be Severe Duty to withstand the daily wear and tear of a fast-paced challenging environment.

This is also an important aspect to consider when manufacturing our doors, ensuring that we don’t just maintain a quality standard for endurance, but also aesthetics and ergonomics, which allow those within these environments to easily navigate and use our products efficiently.

We at Pendle Doors supply HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) standard Doorsets and have an excellent healthcare range, built specifically to the technical performance requirements of these types of medical environments.

If you would like to discuss our healthcare range and/or HTM standard doorsets in more detail, please check out our website or call us on 01254 870850 for more information.


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With 63 years’ worth of knowledge in the manufacturing industry, we are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of modern and contemporary doors and doorsets. We understand that a door serves a great purpose whether that be safety or security. Throughout Pendle, it gives us pleasure to be able to offer high-quality, British-made doors to all of our customers.

Our door sets are specifically designed to fulfil a purpose whether that is in a commercial or residential setting. They can serve security, resistance to fire, noise reduction and healthcare purposes. We are able to provide every door with a polished chrome handle as standard but they’re also available in a variety of finishes if requested.

Our Certifications

We are certified to offer products such as FSC Mix 70% and actively work with BM TRADA. Our goal is to maintain an environmentally friendly working environment for our employees. We aim to protect the environment and ensure that products provided to our customers are in support of responsible forest management.

Our fire doors are made to meet Certifire requirements, this provides our customers with the confidence of where their product has come from and that it’s guaranteed to meet the required fire ratings. All aspects of our fire doors are tested and approved by Certifire.

We are a certified Q-Mark BM TRADA fire door manufacturer, which allows us to offer a wider range of options for fire door applications. Also, we are able to offer fire-rated PAS24 doorsets under the Q-Mark BM TRADA scheme.

All of our internal and external doorsets for new builds that have been manufactured here have been awarded an SBD (Secured By Design) membership. Secured By Design is an official police security initiative that requires we have our doors tested to a high level in the security industry.

Bespoke Timber Doors and Screens

We offer our Mortice and Tenon bespoke timber doors for both internal and external applications. They are supplied in a range of designs and available in various Softwood and Hardwood Timbers, all doors are tailor-made. We guarantee our methods of construction ensure the performance and longevity of the door. With a team of highly qualified joiners on our team, we can manufacture bespoke timber screens to the most exacting specifications. We design and construct all of our handmade screens to suit every individual requirement.

Defender Doorset Range

Our fully certified PAS24 Secure By Design external timber doorsets with an FD30 fire rating are available if required. We can supply the external timber doorsets with fanlights and sidelights which have been tested with the doors to achieve full certification. All of the doors can be taken primed for the finish on-site or factory finished in any standard RAL Colour. The Q-Mark BM TRADA-approved PAS24 doorsets are tested with a weather-proof mobility threshold, TS008 letterplate, and metal rain deflector. We supply them with a Winkhaus multi-point locking system, door viewer and door chains if required which adds that extra bit of security to the door.

Triple ‘S’ Range

We manufacture fully compliant PAS24 flat entrance doorsets with FD30 and FD60 fire ratings to be provided to meet our customers’ requirements. They are available in a range of veneers and laminates or supplied fully factory finished, they can even be supplied primed for site finishing. These PAS24 doorsets are Q-Mark BM TRADA approved and tested with a hardwood threshold, a 32dB acoustic performance and a Hoppe Atlanta handle.

Guardian Fire Door Range

Every fire door which meets the UK’s regulations and is correctly installed saves lives. So we place all of our doors through a rigorous testing process which is vital to ensure the safety of those using the fire door. Each fire door can be manufactured to an FD30, FD60, FD90 and FD120 specification. They are available in various paint grades, veneered, laminate and Acrovyn finishes. We offer them fully glazed apertures together with factory-fitted suites of ironmongery. Working with Warringtonfire we are able to comply with all fire certifications.

Healthcare Door Range

With our understanding of current legislation, we can assure you that our Healthcare Range meets all standards required in a medical environment. We supply Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) doors, these doors are classed as severe duty and are manufactured specifically to suit medical environments. They are tailor-made to optimally serve the environment they are installed in. We have completed many projects including mental health units, clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities. As well as HTM doors we offer X-Ray purpose-made doorsets which are available in various thicknesses of lead dependent on the specification required, providing a barrier against radiation.

Soundwave Range

Our acoustic doorsets are manufactured to the DB rating suitable for areas where sound isolation/privacy is required in accordance with technical specifications supplied by our clients. These doorsets are available in a variety of finishes and are supplied as a doorsets including frame, door and seals.


We Won!

We are super proud of our team at Pendle, out of the 192 nominees for the People’s Choice award at the North West Family Business Awards, we reached the top 10 and went on to win. None of this would be possible without our fantastic team, customers and suppliers so we’re saying a big thank you to you all.

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